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         Lake Norfork Fishing Report.

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 Fishing Norfork Lake is GREAT in March. The bass, crappie, walleye, stripers, Monster blue gills and white bass are all doing great what else can you say. It's March Madness. Have Fun Go Fishin. Check us out on facebook 101 Grocery And Bait 


 Live Bait fishing on the magnificent Norfork Lake has been good for Crappie, Walleye,Bass and Blue gills.  Striper fishing has been spotty as well as white bass. The walleye will be moving up stream to spawn and the stripers should be right behind them to do there thing. We have had some great weather so get ready to get out there and fish. Be kind to the spawning fish and only keep what your going to eat put some back for the next day. FYI it is ILLEGAL to bring live bait from any other lake or state to Norfork Lake you must buy it from a local bait shop or catch it from Norfork Lake.  Have Fun Go Fishin.




 Fishing Norfork Lake is an experience every time one takes the challenge to get out on the water. With the many choices of structure: creeks and streams to main lake channels, flats and gradual slopes to bluffs, main points and secondary points just to name a few of your choices on where to begin your fishing adventure on Norfork Lake! Oh lets not forget the weather, it could be sunny on the north end with a gentle 5-10mph wind, in the mid lake area it may be a bit more windy and in the dam area it could be raining cats and dogs all in the same time frame while in the mean time everyone is catching fish, you just never know about our beautiful weather. Just a thought, if you are going to fish Norfork Lake during this time of year

So stop in the store pick up some drinks, tackle, munchies and our almost famous, "Naked Minnows" that are Guaranteed to catch fish or Die trying. Bring in your catch of the day for a Photo Op and we will get it on our website.Have Fun Go Fishin. 



 Remember to Thank a Veteran and those currently serving in the service, we still have our Freedom we can go fishing and hunting and carry a firearm. Thank You.